New FUCP T-Shirt Design

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New FUCP T-Shirt Design

Hey, Hey, Hey,

How's it going all?  Hopefully everyone is doing well.  Just posting a new design here for all you chemistry/science nerds (yes, I'm included in this group as well).  We have a new shirt design that's available in white and black fonts for men and women.  It lists 4 elements from the Periodic Table.  While Fluorine, Uranium, Carbon and Potassium (FUCP) might not mean anything, if you take the letter each element is represented by, on the Periodic Table, it most DEFINITELY spells a word out. 

Are you a science/chemistry nerd?  Yes I am.  Are you a bit of a rebel?  Yes I am.  Then this shirt is for you.  Perfect for all you science and chemistry nerds/bad boys (or girls).  Get it while the Fe is hot.  See what I did there?  All you science/chemistry nerds know what I'm talking about ;) .  REPRESENT.


FUCP Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 1B)    FUCP Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 1W)


FUCP Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 1B)    FUCP Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 1W)


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