New Normal T-Shirt Designs (Ver. 2G)

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New Normal T-Shirt Designs (Ver. 2G)

Hello all,

Got a set of new T-Shirt designs for you.  They are all part of the "Normal" line that we've created for all you "normal" people.  Version 2 of the "Normal" T-Shirt line has the text printed in grey and in very standard, all lower case font.  Pretty boring, pretty lackluster, pretty normal.  BUT THIS JUST SCREAMS ABNORMAL!!!!  Who walks around with a t-shirt that says, in boring regular old font, "normal"?  I'll tell you who.  Those with a slightly skewed, slightly quirky, slightly different sense of humor (people I'd like to hang out with for that matter). So wear this shirt, and let people know that you are anything but, "normal".


Normal Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 2G)    Normal Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Ver. 2G)


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