About us

We make Kick Ass T-shirts.  What more do you need to know?

Ok.  Do you really want to know about us?  Are you sure?  Really, really sure?  Ok, because we love ya, here goes...

Hatezilla... was born from the minds of two brothers who grew up surfing the web, reading comics, playing video games and D&D, watching SCTV, Monty Python, Black Adder, sci-fi, anime, horror, and Kaiju movies.

Our T-shirts, while mainly focusing on geek culture, also pokes fun at sports, politics, religion, and ourselves.

As a small indie company, we have the freedom to create whatever we think is cool and funny and what we hope represents that playfully satirical and whimsical nature within all of us.

So show off your off-beat personality with our T-shirts, and if a friend asks where you got your shirt, tell 'em Hatezilla sent ya.

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