Men's Short Sleeve
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The men's T-shirts are FITTED.  We recommend buying a size larger than what you normally wear for a looser fit.

Do you prefer the Empire over the Rebel Alliance? Sephiroth over Cloud? The Joker over Batman? Then this shirt is perfect for you. OPFOR or Opposing Force is a military unit tasked with representing the enemy. Used in the U.S. military, OPFOR units are specially trained in the tactics, strategies and weapons of the opposition, and are often pitted against U.S. forces to help familiarize them with what can be expected when fighting other military forces.

Used heavily during the Cold War, many OPFOR units were experts in Soviet military tactics and weapons (currently they have become more flexible to represent a wider range of opponents). So if you've always found the bad to be more enticing than the good, pick up this shirt. Listen to Vader, "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side".

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