Men's Short Sleeve
(Ver. 1W)

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The men's T-shirts are FITTED. We recommend buying a size larger than what you normally wear for a looser fit.

Who ever said that chivalry was dead? It's alive and well on the Internet where many find their calling as INTERNET WHITE KNIGHTS! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

This fun tee makes a stylish gift for friends, family and those with the gallantry to uphold the honor of random strangers at the drop of a hat. Perfect for computer geeks and nerds into Internet subculture, jokes and memes.

Dost thou rush to the defense of damsels in distress, gentlemen in jeopardy, or people imperiled on the Internet? Then you, sir, are an INTERNET WHITE KNIGHT! Affirm your affiliation with this noblest of orders by donning this fine tunic emblazoned with livery.

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Length (inches) 28 29 30 31 32 33
Width (inches) 18 20 22 24 26 28